What you need now is Opportunities.  Each opportunity needs to be met head on.  At one point the will stop asking what pick or round you were selected in and it becomes you can play the game at the highest level. Dan Uggla took advantage of an opportunity given to him in the Rule 5 draft. Dan Uggla was not drafted out of High School and attended The University of Memphis in the 11th Round of the 2001 draft.  Uggla spent all of or parts of three seasons in High A league Lancaster.  I was able to scout him in two of the three seasons and openly admit I was not a big fan.  Uggla played all four infield position in the CAL league and was promoted to AA in 2004 and 2005.  Uggla played all four infield positions and now appeared in 20 games in the outfield. 

In December 2005 the Florida Marlins selected Uggla in the Rule 5 draft and gave him an OPPORTUNITY and the rest is a career. I am not saying that Uggla would not have reached the big leagues with Arizona. I am saying one club, one scout, one organization gave him a chance and HE did the rest.  Dan Uggla has been a National League All Star twice in 2006 and 2008.  Uggla has earned $14,286,000.00 thru the 2010 season and is under contract with the Atlanta Braves thru 2015 and will have earned $75,286,000.00 all because he seized the opportunity he was given.

The dream is so real for many youngsters all over the world.   The passion to play a child’s game and receives millions of dollars doing it.

The reality is to be selected in the draft is just the beginning.  It is then the player gets hit between the eyes with the business side of the kid’s game. 

The clubs representative arrives with the offer, rarely what you thought or wished it to be.  What follows is what everyone involved is a brief negotiation. The negotiation is followed by telephone calls to the club with a counter offer, followed by agreeing to terms on a signing bonus amount, incentive bonus plan and college scholarship plan.  Often hugs, tears and pictures to follow and out comes the team headwear. 

Travel arrangements are made to travel to the clubs spring training location or home offices to take a physical then sign the actual First Year Players Blue Contract and it is official, YOU ARE A PROFESSIONAL BASEBALL PLAYER.  Fill out an application for credit and when Professional Baseball asked for occupation.

Now it is about learning and respecting the game as it is going to get faster and faster and the competition is getting better at each level.

Professional Baseball –
The Challenge to get there and Stay.