8 Tips For Students Starting College
Smart Choices Made During Your First Few  Months  Lead To An Easier Year.

1.  Go to class.  Chances are this is the first time in your life that going to school is a choice. There is no one to tell you to get up and get to class!  You are making the decisions and you are correct “if I don’t go, no one will know?”
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What you do in your first year of college can have a big impact on the rest of your college years – not to mention on the rest of your life. A few missteps might be possible to undo later on, but too many wrong moves and you might well find it impossible to recover later. Use your common sense and make good choices for your future. You’ve already decided College is your path. Now make sure you stay on that path. Click on the links below for helpful tips, do’s and don’ts, videos and articles on what you can expect during your first year.
College Baseball as a Freshman
10 Things you should do

1. Show up in Shape
This is no time to relax.  Your new teammates are working out, practicing and playing all summer. Some of your new teammates may need to play so that an MLB club can make a decision whether to offer a contract before the...READ MORE...

Just like you, the students had to make choices about their lives and careers. Watch below what they wish they could have done differently.

Perserverance is the key. See how this college team makes every drop of sweat count.