So what is Draft Prospectus?
A Prospectus is a preliminary printed statement describing the MLB First Year Player Draft.  It’s prepared for Draft Prospects, Parents, or participants.  

As a statement or situation, it forecasts the course or nature of The MLB First-Year Player Draft.

The MLB Draft
, the First-Year Player Draft, also known as the Rule 4 Draft, is MLB's primary mechanism for assigning amateur baseball players, from high schools, colleges, and other amateur baseball clubs, to its teams.

It’s what I provide to you. A comprehensive “first year baseball draft bible” to guide you, prepare you and mold you into the best draft candidate you can be. You will learn your net worth and how to apply your abilities to get what is best for you and your family. It’s a tool and like any other tool, you have to learn to use it.

The reason you should use my services:
To my knowledge, you will not find anyone else that has taken a player from the beginning to the end of the Draft process and assisted a player and his family with negotiating his first professional contract. 

Also, I do not have a financial stake in your athlete's choice of contining their education or beginning a career in professional sports.

Donn Parris - Draft ProspectusMy name is Donn Parris and baseball is my life's work.  I have been described as a baseball purist.  I am not employed by MLB or any Professional Organization.
I am NOT a MLBPA Player Rep Agent or Advisor.
I am a seasoned mentor here to help YOU help yourself through the Draft process and guide you to success. I have done countless hours of research on the Draft history of all 30 Major League organizations to provide you with a factual approach to the draft. I eliminate the busy work that normally the draft candidate and/or his parents, or guardians will do to get him into the draft arena.

My experience as both a Scout for the Florida Marlins and as a Certified MLBPA Player Agent will provide you with the knowledge to make a decision about the most significant life-change you’ll make: your College or Professional Baseball career.

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